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Overnight Cloth Diapering

January 16, 2017

Overnight diapering is always the biggest hurdle cloth diaperers face. I know many families that cloth diaper only during the day because they are nervous or worried about using cloth diapers at night. Interestingly enough though we actually sell many cloth diapers to families who are using disposables during the day but need a more absorbent diaper over night! If you use the right overnight diaper you should experience very few leaks and messes.  We have had tons of success cloth diapering overnight with all 4 of children.  What we have learned? 1) Pockets and All in Ones (AIO) are not ideal for overnight (or heavywetter) diapering - even with thicker or more inserts. We have the most amounts of...

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Why We Hang our Clothes to Dry and How you can too!

January 06, 2017

Now that we live in Hydro One country our electricity bills have sky rocketed. Does anyone else pay $300-$400 of electricity only (no water, no sewage, no gas) in the middle of the summer? When we lived in the City of Kingston we were paying no more than $80 in the middle of the summer for electricity, natural gas, water and sewage. Now we are paying almost 4 times as much and our energy use habits have not drastically changed.   To say we were shocked at the high prices is an understatement! As a family of 6 we recognize that we may use slightly more electricity than smaller families, but we are also extremely conscious of the amount we...

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