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Lunchbots Cinco vs Yumbox

Lunchbots Cinco vs Yumbox

As a follow up to our Lunchbots Cinco vs Planet Box post, I thought I would follow up with a Lunchbots Cinco vs Yumbox. As always with back to school we field many questions about lunch box containers, bentos and more. 

As always, Go Green Baby carries only products that we believe in and know will be a solid investment for you and your family! We thoroughly research and test all products that come into our shop so that you can rest assured with each and every purchase. In the past we have carried lines that we were not 100% pleased with (Laptop Lunches, Go Green Lunch Box & Goodbyn are examples) and we had no problem letting go of the line when we received more than enough complaints and concerns. We always search out the best and that is what sets us apart!

The reason we have chosen the Lunchbots line is that time and time again this company has proven to be a solid and lifelong investment. We have yet to have any negative reviews about these bento containers and do not foresee any in the future.

We  absolutely LOVE our Lunchbox Cinco (we also have the Lunchbots Trio Bento Size) compared to the Yumbox and here are the reasons why:

1) Materials: Made with stainless steel and build to last, Lunchbots containers will last you through the years. We have several containers in our home that are well over 7 years old now (we bought them when we first opened our shop!) One has even incurred fist damage from my husband (be sure to ask him that story if you think about it, its a good one!). In comparison, the Yumbox is made with plastic. Plastics are not only a concern for the environment but also for your body! While some may say that the containers are BPA free and as a result must be safe, I am not convinced. What did they replace that BPA with? It took the industry over 10 years to alert the public of the concerns with BPA knowing fully well how dangerous it was. I am not willing to take a chance! When there is a perfectly safe alternative that exists within a similar price range, I always opt for the safer option. Plastics are also a concern for durability. Reviews online (and from families visiting our shop) suggest that the Yumbox container does not hold up well over time. Many complaints about it not lasting through a full school year and of the hinges and latches breaking easily makes this a less than ideal choice for our family and for our shop. Plastics do not hold up well to drops on the ground (which as we all know kids are especially skilled at!). Fact: plastic does not last as long as stainless steel, is not as durable and is not as safe. 


2) Capacity: The Lunchbots Cinco holds 4 cups of food beautifully in their separate compartments. One compartment can easily fit half a sandwich (and maybe a full sandwich with the crust cut off ). The Yumbox has a capacity of either 1.5 cups or 2.5 cups of food. Even with the Cinco, we have to send a sandwich bag or insulated container separately for additional food for our two older children. They are both 7 & 9 and there is no way the Yumbox would have enough capacity for either of them in a day. My third child is 4 and will be starting school in September and while she may not need as much food as my other two, I know that at some point she will want more food and having the container early will allow us to grow into it. If you feel that the Cinco bento is too large, you can instead choose one of their smaller containers - the Quad or Trio ( both with 2.5 cups of food capacity). Both of these would be perfect for preschool and kindergarten children and work especially well in sets of two for balanced day lunches (they can easily be labeled for each meal time).

3) Leak proofness:  Some have said that this is the one area that is lacking for the Cinco in comparison to the Yumbox, but here is why I believe the Cinco compares. Paired with our Kids Konserve 5oz containers (you can fit 2 in the Cinco), you end up with an exceptional leak proof option. Typically there are only 1 or 2 items that you send in a day that are "wet" and have the potential to leak into the other compartments. Examples include: yogurt, apple sauce, fresh fruit (especially watermelon), puddings. Use the Kids Konserve 5oz containers for those items. The remainder of your dry items such as crackers, cheese, nuts, dried fruits, sandwiches, wraps, etc will fit in your other compartments. Lunchbots also does make stainless steel dip containers if you require more leakproofness for smaller liquids such as dips and sauces! Several families have been kind enough to share their experiences with the Yumbox and overall reviews suggest that they eventually lose their leak proofness (from 3 months in to up to 2 years). The kids konserve containers will keep their leak proof abilities for years to come (we have sets that we have used for upwards of 4 years now). Plus if your lid does break you can simply buy a replacement lid - talk about sustainability!

4) Cost: While it may seem like the Yumbox is a better price point up front, it is quite comparably priced in terms of capacity. Yumbox will run you approximately $35 for their larger style which holds 2.5 cups of food. The Cinco will run you $60; however, you get more capacity (4 cups) with a more long lasting, durable product. Over 2 years the product will cost you only $2.5 per month & over 5 years the product will cost you $1 per month!

We truly believe in and are confident in all products we sell. We know that you will be happy with your Lunchbots stainless steel containers as so many others already are. 

As always, feel free to stop in at 293 Division Street, call us at 613 344 0390 or email us at and we would be more than happy to answer your questions and help you find a lunch solution that works for you and your family!



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