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One Size or Sized Cloth Diapers, which one?

One Size or Sized Cloth Diapers, which one?

Once you have finally decided on the style of cloth diaper you are going to move forward with, many families are left with the decision of whether to choose a one size diaper or a sized diaper (aka. more than one size!). 

Here are a couple factors to consider when making this decision:

#1 - Will you be having more than one child?

If you are planning to have more than one child and you would like your diapers to be used with those subsequent children, I would highly consider a sized diaper. 

One size diapers will love their absorbency and some styles will lose their waterproofness after using them daily for 2-3 years. As a result you may find your diapers will leak more with subsequent children and thus you are needing to invest in a second set of diapers anyways. If you are looking for a one size diaper that will be more likely to last several children I recommend the Mother-ease One Size Diaper. 

#2 - Do you have a smaller or larger than normal baby?

This question only applies if your baby has already been born. If your child is skinnier, chunkier, taller or shorter than normal babies, you may find that the fit of a one size diaper will not be the best on your babe. One size diapers are designed to fit *most* babies not ALL babies. 

Sized diapers are especially helpful if you are planning on cloth diapering a newborn or if you are expecting a small baby.

As an example, the AMP one size pocket diaper fits babies starting at 8 lbs (this is approximate, many families they don't fit well until closer to 10-12 lbs). The AMP All in One sized diaper comes in a small and large. The small size fits babies starting at 6lbs. This diaper is one that will actually fit your newborn baby. Apple Cheeks also makes a small pocket diaper that starts fitting at 7lbs - this is an excellent fitting diaper for a small baby (they definitely go something right with that diaper!). 

#3 - Do you want a trimmer and better fitting diaper?

One size diapers will always be slightly bulkier than sized diapers. Sized diapers come in different sizes, like disposable diapers, so that you can get a better fit for your baby at difference stages of growth. Imagine purchasing a one size disposable diaper? It would be more likely to leak because it wouldn't fit all babies perfectly. 

Sized diapers will be trimmer on your baby and will have a better fit around the legs and waist as your baby grows. 

Note: Bummis does make a one size diaper that I find to be the trimmest and best fitting one size diaper on the market. 

#4 - Do you want to save money?

This is a loaded question (due to problems listed above with fit and multiple babies in the long run) but essentially one size diapers are more affordable, and especially so in the one baby family. Choosing a one size diaper can be the best move financially if it all works out, especially if you choose a brand like Mother-ease that is built to last and made to be leakproof!

Cloth diapering mamas and papas weigh in on your experience and share what system you prefer to use!

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