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Cloth Diaper 101

We recommend the following:

24 cloth diapers

4-6 cloth diaper covers (if required)

12 doublers/inserts for overnight absorbency

1 diaper pail with pail liner

36 cloth diaper wipes

1 Travel Wet Bag (great for swimsuits too!)

Diaper Sprayer or Flushable Liners – for messy poops!

Laundry Detergent

Your choices in diapers

Prefold DiapersBasic rectangular diaper with separate cover. Easy to use, quick to wash & dry. You will love the ease of use and quick drying time with these diapers.

Bummis Prefolds : Newborn (4-9 lbs), 12 with 2 covers for $56. Infant (7-20 lbs) 6 for $26. Toddler (15-45 lbs) 6 for $45.

Fitted Cloth Diapers – Sized diapers with separate cover for water proofness. Absorbent, great for overnight, nap time or leak proofness. 

Mother-Ease One Size: One Size (8- 35 lbs) $15 for unbleached, $18 for bamboo

Mother-Ease Sandy: Small (8- 20 lbs), Large (20 -35 lbs) $15 for unbleached, $18 for bamboo



All in One Cloth Diapers – Everything all together in one piece. Great for daytime use and for out and about. Longer drying times. You will love how easy to use these diapers are - as close to as disposable diaper as it gets. 

View this great demo of how to use a fitted diapers from AMP.  You will love how rarely these diapers leak. If you want your baby and their clothes to stay dry, this is the system you want. 

AMP All in One: Small (6-18 lbs) $20, Large (18-38 lbs) $20

Bummis All In One Pure: One Size (10-35 lbs) $29


Pocket Cloth Diapers - Similar to All in one diapers. Insert goes into a pocket. Quick to wash & dry. Great for daytime and for out and about. You will love how easy to use and quick drying this type of system is - perfect if you are line drying or want to save on electricity costs.

AMP Duo Pocket: One Size (8-35 lbs), $20-$21 for cover, $4-$9 for inserts. 


Cleaning your Cloth Diapers

Find a storage system that works for you. We love the Mother-ease Diaper Pail with an AMP Pail Liner. Some of our friends use a large zippered wet bag to save on space. Whichever method you choose, all you do is throw your dirty diapers in the bag. Breastfed poops and pee diapers can go directly in the pail. Solid or formula poops should be rinsed off first.

You will love our diaper sprayer and bio- liners (flushable) and how they help control the poo situation a little better - think cleaner nails and hands :)

When you are ready to wash your diapers (aka your pail/bag is full OR it has been two days) you simply empty the diapers into the washing machine.

We suggest using this basic washing routine. Start simple and adjust as needed.

1) Hot regular wash (top loaders should fill the water right to the top)

2) Cold rinse cycle

3) Machine dry on Medium or hang to dry

If your diapers smell clean, absorb easily and do not cause skin irritations then you have chosen a good detergent and a wicked cleaning routine.  Allens Laundry Detergent & Rockin Green are both safe detergents for cleaning diapers (they also have very few ingredients so they are perfect for clothing too!). 

Here are some insider tips to help you (you can thank us later):

* Pre-wash your diapers 3-5 times for maximum absorbency and fluffiness.

* Bleach should be avoided as much at possible, especially chlorine bleach. Place your diapers in the SUN – a natural bleaching agent!

* Fabric softeners and dryer sheets should be avoided.

* Diaper creams should only be used with a liner inside your diaper (Zinc oxide creams should NEVER be used on your diapers).